A passion for passing down and honouring the memory of family traditions and terroir

The Maison Doré’s history is steeped in tradition and esteem. It all began in 1928. The Maison has passed from generation to generation of winemakers in the Doré family for almost a century. In 2014, Gérard Doré called on his neighbour and friend, Jean-Guy Monmarthe, to take over the reins of the Maison Doré. A sixth-generation winemaker himself and head of the Maison Monmarthe, Jean-Guy works hard to ensure that each bottle leaving the estate retains •Doré’s true character.

The Doré estate is located in the village of Ludes, a Premier Cru site in the Montagne de Reims region, and extends over 4 hectares.

It comprises fifteen plots, each bearing a unique and evocative name: le Gué du berger (French for ‘the shepherd’s crossing’), Aventures (‘adventures’), Garennes (‘rabbit warrens’), Haute Plante (‘tall plant’), to name just a few. With a clay-limestone soil, the vines are well established on a marly base, which lends the wine its finesse and intensity. All of our wines are produced, blended and bottled on the estate.

Doré champagne strikes a subtle balance between complexity and freshness. The Maison offers a range of three wines, so there is a •Doré blend and story for any day’s golden hour.